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If you are reading this post its because you are interested with Affiliate marketing or you want to learn more about how I was able to make a passive income online.

It all started with a book called DotCom Secrets. Let me give you some background information and why this book is so critical to the development of who I am today and where I am going.

When I graduated college I had NO idea what I wanted to do! I was literally at my grandparents house living there, just kind of depressed honestly because I didn’t really know how I was going to make money. I didn’t know anything but then I searched the web.

Like everyone else that was wondering, how do you make money online? Like how do these people do it? And I came across an article…

It was talking about drop shipping, but it also talked about funnels and it was this whole community of things. I was super excited and I’m like, this is what I’ve been looking for and I found Clickfunnels and ordered this book, called DotCom Secrets.

It resonated with me so much, like seriously, like I’m not gassing this book up for no reason. It actually resonated with me, actually gave me a platform or a guideline on how I can start making money.

At first I was kind of just like, all right, well how do I build my tribe? Which is something the book talks about, like how do you find that person that’s going to buy from you?

How do you do this? How do you create that persona? Right?  That was the number one question.

After reading the book I went back and highlighted some things that resonated with me.

One of the things I highlighted in this book was

“a business is about what result you can do for your clients”.

I started to ask myself, what can I do? That’s the first thing, like what can I do for someone else that will get them results? Because if you can get other people results and you could get them to give you a testimonial that you will have a tribe of people who support you but also have trust in you so that other people can trust.

Word of mouth is so powerful. I understood that if I could get other people’s results doing what I love to do, they will start looking out for my content.

They’re going to start hearing what I have to say and taking my words not for granted, right?

They’re going to start applying what I say because I got other people results doing it. And I have reviews of people saying Jelani, you know, has done this for me. Jelani has done that.

So when you get to that point, you can start building your tribe, right? Getting people who are like, well, this guy is legit, this guy is someone who I can trust him because he has other people who are trusting in him.

Another important line in the book is

A percentage of your audience will always, want to pay the premium to get more value.

This is such an important line. A percentage of your audience will always wants to pay the premium to get more value.

So when you get people results they will start saying I need more of this, right? I need to know more information, like how do I do this and I need to know this now!

They, meaning the buyer/customer,  get excited because you show them results.

Once you show someone results, you can start charging more for a more premium package rate.

So if you give someone a free one hour call or something like that, right, and then you really help them give them a lot of value.

You give them a lot of different ideas and different things like that. And then what you do is you can say, you know what, I actually have a coaching program, that you know, that I would love for you to be a part of.

This is only comes after you’ve done like a dozen plus maybe even a hundred calls with people helping people grow their brand.

So if you can build an audience, this is going to be a percentage of that audience that will always pay you for more information that will always pay for the premium.

This book has all of the guidelines, all the guidelines to be that person that you know, you can be right, be that person that helps other people but also get paid doing it.

Honestly, it’s probably one of the best books I’ve read.

After I read this book, I was like, I want to be Russell, I want to build software companies and help people achieve their dreams and help people get to a new level. Like that’s what I want to do.

Even if you have no idea what you want to do right now, I suggest getting this book. It’s a free book. All you do is pay shipping. I think its super worth it!

Get your free copy of Dotcom Secrets now!

If you would have told me that a free book would have been the catalyst to my current life I would have laughed at you. After all, how could a free book give me freedom to work from home? How could a free book, show me the ropes on making passive income month after month? How could a free book put me in front of thousands of people every month? Well…it did! And it can do the same for you!!!

Get your free copy of Dotcom Secrets now!

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